Personal advice

“Every day we help hundreds of people LIKE YOU who are struggling with their debt problems…”

Dont worry we are here to support you

Recent figures show that personal insolvencies have soared by 55% over the last year and are expected to double in the next twelve months. Debt is, therefore, a growing problem for many of us. We can help you right off up to 70% of your personal debt or 100% through various arrangements. If you have a pension we can help you use that as an asset to borrow against or raise secured finance from various business partners. 

Formal or informal arrangements can be a powerful solution to resolving personal debt issues…



Corporate advice

We assist companies facing financial challenges. As a company director feeling under pressure, the speed at which we can help you identify your options is paramount.

Receivership, Liquidation and Bankruptcy are not the only options. 

You may be pleasantly surprised at the alternatives available to you – it may not be the end of the line in terms of your business and the earlier you speak to us, the more we can do to improve your situation. We can help you raise fund to ease cashflow from various funding partners or if you have a pension we can put an arrangement in place to use it as an asset to borrow against. First we need to release the critical pressure created by baliffs due to a lack of solvency and cash and protect the business from court action, recovery agents, and creditor pressure.

A better future for the directors can be worked out if action is taken quickly: